Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Thank You Teachers -TpT Sale!

It's SALE time again on Teachers Pay Teachers in honour of Teacher Appreciation Week!

I'm not teaching at the moment (as I sit here snuggling my newborn) and I'm enjoying my little break and time to slow down and breath! As teachers we run ourselves in circles, naturally commit to too many things and at different times of the year get overwhelmed with the workload. I am still getting the emails from school and boy am I glad I don't have to do some of the things going on at the moment.

I am looking back on it now, I don't know how I ever fitted everything in! We teach all day, when do we get time to go to meetings, ring parents, put up displays let alone plan for our lessons for the coming days and weeks? So to all of the teachers out there Happy Appreciation Week - know you are changing the world one child at a time! Being a teacher is a precious gift!

If you are interested to see what I have on sale, head to my store here. 

If you want to check out all my free items, click here.

Monday, 4 May 2015

Math Game Monday Revisited

Today for Math Game Monday I am revisiting one of my favourites from when I taught Grade 3/4. My teaching partner at the time had used it in his Grade 5/6 class the year before, working to the hundredths of a second. Either way, the game can be played and loved by many age groups!

It's called 10 Second Walk. Basically students have a starting line and walk up to the board and push the "stop button" (picture of a Stop sign) that is on the whiteboard. Record each student's time on the whiteboard, working through as much of the class as you want to! The winner is the student who is closest to 10 seconds. 

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Swap, Share, Give Linky!

It's time again to link up with my Aussie Friends for a Swap, Share, Give Linky! 

How does it work? Well we have all been teamed up with a friend to Swap a Resource, then we will Share a Freebie with you, then Give you a chance to win all the packs swapped in our linky. Sounds pretty good, doesn't it!

Firstly, I SWAPPED with Jem from Jem's Bright Buttons. Jem is a Foundation/Kindergarten teacher in Victoria like me! I live by the river, she lives by the sea - in one of my favourite cities actually! 
Jem's Bright Buttons
Jem let me have a peak at her pack ABC Foldable Readers and I LOVE it!

First of all, she has two versions; one for teachers in Victoria, Australia and another for teachers in the rest of the world! I'll show you an example of both so you can see the differences in font.

As the title suggests, included are 26 foldable readers to use in conjunction with your weekly letter/phonics study. Simply print and photocopy and they are ready to use! Perfect for literacy centres where you need children to work independently. Books can then be kept in book boxes for children to practise reading over and over again! Children also love taking books home to show off their reading to their parents! One of the best things is (other than that children can collect the whole set) is that each book is only one page each! You know how strict some schools are getting on photocopying so this is perfect!




Very simple, an absolute bargain (only $3) and a hit in the classroom! You can download your copy here.

You can download the Victorian version here. 

Next, here is my FREEBIE for you! 

Everyone likes talking about the weather, have you ever found that? Whenever you aren't sure what to talk about, what do you discuss? The weather! Well this freebie is for use in K-2 classrooms for recording daily temperatures and drawing pictures of the weather outside. I have included the "Autumn edition" (Southern Hemisphere) and "Spring edition" (Northern Hemisphere).

Simply print, slice and make each child a booklet for the month. 


If you like the idea of having this pack handy for use year round, you can purchase the full pack here.

Lastly, head on over to Tania's blog Mrs Poultney's Ponderings to see who else has linked up, what freebies you can score yourself and enter our rafflecopter below! I am giving away a copy of my Number Detectives Pack!

Friday, 24 April 2015

Five for Friday!

Its Friday! Not that days of the week really matter too much to me at the moment with a 4 week old baby, but I'm excited for all my teacher friends! Its time to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday!

My week has been full with looking after this little one! I miss the routine of school but love the daily newborn cuddles that I get! I loved it even more when I received the Term 2 Reporting Timeline on my work email today and know that I don't have to write them!

A friend recommended watching a video associated with The Happiest Baby on the Block and it is amazing how well the strategies work. We are learning everyday and this video was a game changer for us in dealing with newborn cries! You can watch it here. 

We have been so lucky to have so many visitors over the last month. We've had family members, childhood friends, colleagues, ex students and this very special lady!

Paula is one of my blogging buddies. Paula live in Ballarat which is a bit under 3 hours away and she made the trip especially to see us! I had never met Paula until I started blogging and have had the privilege to get together with her a few times. She is an amazing teacher and I love following along with her teaching on her blog Paula's Place.

Paulas Place

We have our heater going today. I know it sounds crazy but I love winter, having the heater on and rain coming down outside. I am hoping it might rain tomorrow.

Every time this rose comes out I am amazed at the flowers! I love the stripes. 

Check back on my blog on Sunday! I am going to be part of a linky of blogs from Down Under. We have lots of freebies for you!

Check out the link below to see more Five for Fridays!

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Teaching Key Words with a Freebie!

When you are teaching the Four Operations, do you find yourself saying Addition, the Plus, then Add Together? Does this matter? What do you think?

I always seem to switch and change and strongly believe there is nothing wrong with that! Children should be encouraged to learn all the words that could be used for each operations - we know here in Australia they always put some different terminology in our National tests!

So this being said, your students should know the difference being sum and product. They should also know that Subtraction also means take away, remove, decrease, minus, left over etc.

So here is a freebie for you to download to print out, enlarge if you like, laminate, put up on your Smartboard, whatever you need to do to get through to to your class that their are multiple names for each operation.

Click here to download.

Monday, 6 April 2015

Math Game Monday!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter Break! I'm just excited that Lent is finished and I get to eat too much chocolate again. Hmmm, love Cadbury Easter Eggs!! 

This week for Math Game Monday I am going to review a website that I discovered last year and loved! Have you visited

Firstly, I love it because you can choose your Grade level straight away. 

Then there are sub-categories of:

More (including space, geometry, patterns and art)
Just for Fun

and heaps of games under each sub-category. 

This is an example of Grade 2 Numbers!

I clicked on Comparing Number Values and got to choose whole numbers or facts and the level easy, medium or hard. Each game is clear, fun, has sound and interactive! 

I used it on the Smartboard during the week as warm up activities, then children played the games by themselves on a Friday during our ICT time. soon became our go to website when teaching a new concepts. The parents loved the kids playing it at home too!


Friday, 3 April 2015

April Currently

I'm linking up with Farley at Oh'Boy 4th Grade for another Currently and what a month it has been!

It is Good Friday in Australia and that means the Good Friday Appeal in Victoria. Every year on Good Friday we “Give that they shall grow” and raise money for the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne. A wonderful cause I am sure you agree! They telecast it all day and I enjoy seeing how much my home town and surrounding towns raise.

Loving and Eggs-Plain your name
We are loving our new little boy! Eli Donald arrived on the 23rd of March so is not even 2 weeks old yet. I am loving everything about him, especially the new baby smell! We got his name from a boy who I taught once called Eli (lovely child and my husband said at the time how much he loved the name). His middle name Donald is both my father’s and my grandfather’s name.

Next weekend we are having a big family get together and Eli will get to meet his Great Grandma, cousins, aunts and uncles. I am excited to see everyone again – love my big family!

I would love some new clothes now I’m not pregnant anymore. Although we probably should get a few things for Eli first – we didn’t know what we were having so didn’t buy a lot ahead of time. Eli was a smaller baby (6lbs 12oz) but is growing now! I would love a baby carrier of some sort – sling perhaps?


I have been procrastinating getting some things finished for school. Hopefully in the next few weeks I can get a few more things organised, although I would rather play with Eli and our puppy dog Lexi!