Sunday, 19 October 2014

Bigger, Better and Now Amazing!

Happy Weekend Everyone! Although it is almost finished here in Australia! We have had a hot weekend. It is only Spring, but Summer has decided to come a little early where I live, it is meant to be hot this week too! Not great for this heat rash I have!

I spent today inside, begin productive. I had finished my Schoolwork by lunchtime (that never happens) then spent the rest of the day playing around with one of my favourite resources that I thought of some new things to add!

This is the one!

It is perfect for Pre-K and Kindergarten (Foundation) classrooms as children are beginning to count to 10 and develop there one-to-one correspondence. Here are some of the new activities I added to the pack! 
Peg the Number of Dots

Add the Counters

Make a Numbers 1 to 10 Book

Matching words, numbers and pictures cut and paste activity

Number Wheels

Draw the Dots!

Roll and Cover

Do you like the look of these activities? There are plenty more in the pack (a total of 140 pages) and they are all suited to center activities, but could easily be replicated for whole class activities. A total of 16 center activities plus resources that require little more than printing and laminating! 

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

P Day for P Week!

We are now at 144 days at school in Australia and have finished our alphabet investigation, currently investigating word families and digraphs. I know many of you in the Northern Hemisphere are working through your alphabet investigation still so I thought I would share our "P Day" celebrations. 

First we decorated Paper Plates with Polka dots!

Then we used english muffins to make Pizza's! We covered them with tomato sauce. 

Then we added ham, Pineapple and cheese. 

Don't they look great on the tray all ready to go in the oven?

While we were waiting for the Pizza's to cook, we Popped some Popcorn! And ate it of course!

Yummy the Pizza's were ready!

We had a wonderful day and had great fun writing about it that afternoon!

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Father's Day - A Little Late...

This is a throwback post! It should have posted this a month ago, but somehow or another the month of September got away from me way too fast! We celebrate Father's Day in September in Australia - I am not sure why it is a different time, but it is! Growing up, we always sent my American Grandfather a Father's Day Card during Australian time since we couldn't ever buy one in June!

We had Bunnings come and create tool boxes with the kids. They loved loved getting to put it all together and use the hammer. Our Grade 5/6 buddies came in very handy with this activity!

The kids also made a canvas of their Dad and themselves. We used markers on the canvas' then coloured in the face using crayons. I painted the background once they were finished. 

We used butchers paper to make wrapping paper. Kids painted a picture of their Dad and his favourite things. The canvas easily fitted inside this wrapping paper!

The we did some Father's Day writing and a Father's Day Card (thanks to Ms Duffy) and put it altogether. The kids were so proud of their gift they had for their father's! The looks on their faces when Dad said he was taking the toolbox to work was priceless!

Friday, 10 October 2014

Five for Friday

Friday, phew, I made it! I was unsure at the start of the week but we got there! As always, I love that it is Friday afternoon already in Australia, I won't be loving Sunday night though, it will still be Sunday morning for most of you! I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday! 

Our school holidays have come and gone - time seems to go by way too quickly! Over the weekend, we finished tidying up our garden and planted our veggies! There is nothing like fresh tomatoes straight from the garden so I hope these three grow as big as last years! Same for the strawberries.

We finally cleaned up this section of our garden. It was getting overgrown. Our dog, Lexi is loving the cleared spaces, she can run through the garden now! 
We have started a new topic this term - we are looking at old and new toys. I just loved the artwork to do with our last terms topic so I just can't bring myself to taking it down! The kids loved making the sea animals! 
Children can't get enough of this book! A few had borrowed it from the school library and today 6 children wanted to borrow it. We read it in class - they loved it! Have you read it to your class?
This week was "th" week - we made thumbprint animals on Thursday! I haven't been able to find any ink pads at our local craft stores, so I made my own! I used kitchen sponges and soaked them in watered down paint over lunchtime. They worked perfectly and dried straight away! 

Here are some samples. Children are so creative - they couldn't wait to take them home to show their Mum's and Dad's!

This is how I feel at the end of today - so tired, my feet are up and I am ready for somebody to cook dinner for me - anyone?

I just looked over, Lexi feels the same way, she is asleep under the recliner on the couch where my husband is sitting. I guess that means I am the only one who can get up to cook dinner. 

Have a lovely weekend! Head on over to Doodle Bugs Teaching to read some more Five for Fridays!

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Grab a Handful!

Happy Thursday everyone! I hope everyone is having a great week! A busy week, being first week back and it is flying by quickly! I have a student teacher for the next three weeks and he is loving getting involved in everything in the classroom.

I have a new product for you today! It's called Grab a Handful and is perfectly suited to introducing Kindergarten children to addition. Some Grade 1 and 2 invention children would also benefit from using this activity! 

Here's how it works. There is a "Grab Mat" in the pack - children grab counters and place on each hand. Children then count up the number of counters on each hand and find the total amount. Use this mat in small group activities and intervention groups. Many children will require the continued practice of counting and adding together. 

When children are ready, then can then complete the worksheet independently. Children grab counters as they did on the grab mat, except this time children draw in the counters and write the numbers underneath to write the sum. 

Click here to download your own copy!

Monday, 6 October 2014

Secret Sight Words!

Today is first day back for Term 4! 11 weeks left of the school year and I send the children up to Grade 1! I can't believe it has gone so fast! 

Before I head back into school, I am going to share with you an activity that my class love (and I love it too because it's so easy)! It is Secret Sight Words by my friend Brooke of Teachable Moments!

First of all it is very simple to use! I just printed the activity cards, cut them out and then laminated them and cut them out again! There are some worksheets children can use too, but we use whiteboards in my class. 

Children use magnetic letters to sound out the pictures and make sight words - and let me say, they love it! When the children see they are working on Secret Sight Words for Alphabet Rotations, they get so excited! Children keep the cards and the magnetic letters on the card until I come around. They tell me the words they have made and then swap with a friend. 

Some groups need more practise at writing, rather than making words, so instead of using magnetic letters, they write them on whiteboards. Some groups do both!

I love this pack and I know you will too!

Click here to download it from Brooke's store!

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Blogger Meet Up!

It's been a week since our Blogger Meet Up and it makes me sad that the day we have looked forward to for so long, has come and gone, but very happy and excited to have meet these lovely ladies in person!

Along my blogging and TpT journey I have meet so many wonderful teachers and the number of Aussie bloggers is increasing all the time! We have a great group of Aussie gals, some of who I have meet before, but there are also some very special ones that I have "known" since the start of my journey.

When I started on my journey (2 and a half years ago), I meet Shanyn first. I remember finding one of her activities (Cupcake Contractions) and then finding out she was Australia and I was excited! I remember sending her ridiculous emails because I was just so excited!
     Classroom Chit Chat

Mel was next, I was starting my TpT journey and wasn't really sure what to do about clipart. I found her store Graphics From The Pond and remember downloading every freebie she had! Then I ventured into the brave world of buying clipart. I think I probably have about 80% of her clipart store on my computer - I love everything she creates!
    Frog Spot Blog

I soon found Brooke from Teachable Moments next, she had been switching around year levels (like we often do in Australia and like I had been doing too). I remember reading her blog posts in awe, I loved looking at her photos and reading what her class had been up to. At the time, I had a VERY boring blog, I think the font was Times New Roman and it was blue and green. Brooke had a bright and colourful blog and I loved it! I remember buying my first template, just so it could be colourful too!

I had always thought Emma from Clever Classrooms was in a total different league to me. She creates amazing resources and I love her style. She was the top seller in Australia at the time and she was like an idol to me I guess - I can't believe we are now friends!
  Clever Classroom

I don't remember who came next out of Tania and Stef. Stef, from Miss Galvin Learns, I loved because she was the first Victorian blogger I came across (she lives in the same state I do) and I could email her with questions about our curriculum and she always had the answers for me! Stef has that natural creativity and eye for detail I would love! Oh to be a fly on the wall in her classroom - she knows her stuff and has such a caring nature. I wonder if she will do that great spider web on her carpet for Halloween again this year?

Tania is amazing! She is a military wife so has moved around a lot. When I first met Tania she lived in Wagga Wagga (I love some Australian names) and she actually knew about the place I was visiting to see my in-laws. Nobody had heard of Hay! Tania and I have taught similar year levels throughout the last few years so have been able to use each other's resources - it's all about sharing! Tania is a hoot! If you are having a bad day, she will turn it around in no time!

Here are some happy snaps from our trip!
On our way to dinner - there just happened to be some fireworks on the way!
We went for a ferry ride the next morning! Sydney is a beautiful place to visit!

Lovely Brooke organised us some Go Noodle bags and lanyards! She even put our blog button on the bottom! I love it! Definitely changing my school keys over to this lanyard today before school starts again tomorrow. My class are going to love it - I get asked so many times a day "Can we play Go Noodle?" Thanks Brooke!
The lovely Mel gave us each a block of chocolate with this cutie wrap around it! The chocolate did not last long! Thanks Mel!

This is a wonderful group of ladies and I can't wait to see them again, maybe even at an Australian wide blogging meet up! Thank you ladies!


Have you got an area of Maths you aren't really sure how to teach? Email me ( today and I will email back some engaging and purposeful ideas!