Monday, 12 November 2012

Clever Teachers!

I love visiting other teacher's classrooms and become inspired by them! I look at something and think "why didn't I think of that" and usually it is something so simple!! Does that ever happen to you? I guess we can't do everything.....

We are lucky at our school to have a graduate MALE teacher - that's right, a new, young male teacher (teaches Grade 4)- he came up with this great idea and didn't mind if I shared! One is to help children edit their own work, the other ensures they have correct presentation when writing. Great writing prompts on tables as reminders! I can imagine just casually putting one in front of a child to remind them to check their work! 

I looked at this and went "I have a few of these stands, I sooo wish I had more" so I guess that means I WILL JUST HAVE to go to IKEA and buy some more such hard work, it is such a terrible place!!!! The best thing is, they are only a couple of dollars each!

What do you think? They fit a 6" by 4" photo or piece of paper (and are double sided). 


  1. Replies
    1. Next trip to Sydney? Maybe I'll just HAVE to go for you and send them up! Ikea less than an hour away is dangerous!

  2. We do a day trip to Ikea every year - I can spend the day in there! Looks like I might add some of these to the list :)

    1. Definite teachers' paradise! Make sure you take the big car!

  3. I was just at Ikea yesterday! Wish I had seen this before then. It is an hour away, guess I will make another venture there over Thanksgiving break. Love those stands!